Who is Free Design Logo

My name is Clenn Mano Sunico and I run Free Design Logo website. I consider myself as a freelance logo designer because for the past 3 years of designing websites, I have personally experienced that whenever I had a project on web design I will also incude the package of free business logo design. My clients had to pay me for the website project, while the logo design was for free.

On June 1, 2009 I have come to realize to make a website that offers free design logos. Its primary goal has been to provide my web design clients a wide range of Free Design Logo. If they don't have any logo for their website, I would ask them to look here and find the company logo that is suitable for their business. My second goal is to provide everyone free design logos of their choice, from symbol-type logo, logo-type, letter combinations, all types from flat to 3d or any logo from letters A to Z.

I made this website to provide free business logo design of quality and with pride. I created my logos with simplicity and strive to put all of my knowledge to come out the best logo designs on the internet.