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The relationship of the visitors with is important for me.

At, I identify that the confidentiality of your personal information is important. Whatever type of personal information we receive and gather when you visit the will never be disclosed in any means. I will never sell your personal information with any third party.

I also employ third party on to support Free Design Logo site. Some of these advertisers can employ technology such as cookies when they advertise on my site, which in return will also send to these advertisers (such as Google by the program of Google AdSense) information including understanding your IP address, your ISP, the navigator which you had the practice to visit my site, and in certain cases, if you install the flash. This is generally employed for geotargetting of the goals (for example, showing in New York of the real estate advertisement with somebody in New York) or to show some advertisements based on the visited specific sites.

You can choose to decontaminate or stop selectively third party cookies in your settings of the browser, or by controlling preferences in the programs such as the safety of Internet of Norton. However, this can affect on how you may interact with Free Design Logo site and other web sites. This could include the incapacity to open a session with the services or the programs, such as the notation in forum or accounts.