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Before you use the free logo from Free Design Logo , you must agree on the following operational limits:

With the difference of the majority of the free design logo, you can make much with our free design logos. Modify it and redistribute it as long as you declare that you get the free logo from Free logo design. I worked hard to design the logos and should deserve respect for my hard labour, thus I can continue to provide you with best logo designs.

Feel free to use the Free Design Logo without binding or link to my website. You can even tell your friends about this site that offers free logo designs for everyone to download.

No materials of the Free Design Logo can be sold. No part of it to be used in your own portfolio.

Any creation of Free Design Logo is not allowed to be used for the web sites or the individuals who take part in warez, fraud notching, cracking, malevolent data-processing swindling, or any other material or activity which are illegal.

In order to use my Free Design Logos, you must accept to guarantee and hold inoffensive against and all the complaints, responsibility, losses, costs and expenditure (lawyers including the fees on a basis of legal consultant and customer).

All the violations of the operational limits will be considered an infringement with my intellectual property right and materials guaranteed the royalties. reserves the right to change or modify these limits without the preliminary notification.

Thank you and good luck for using my Free Design Logos.